How does the process work? - 1. Register for a Public or Private Event under our events section 2. Arrive at the designated location 3. Enjoy a creative night of fun! 

How much are tickets? - Prices are as follows unless noted otherwise: Public Events - $30 per person / Private Events - $35 per person, plus the deposit / Corporate Events - $40 per person, plus the deposit / Fundraisers - $45 per person, plus the deposit. Deposits are based on the number of guests you will have participating, as well as venue rental fees (if applicable). Contact us to receive a quote.

What's included in the ticket price? - For Public Events, Private Events, Corporate Events, and Fundraisers, art supplies, professional instruction, a minimum 5% donation, and the venue reservation (if applicable) are included. 

Is there an age limit? - There is an age limit for Public Events. In an effort to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience, children are not permitted. Guests must be 18+. Some of our venues are bars that only allow entry for guests 21 and over. 

What is your refund policy? - A Public Event is refundable as a credit towards a future Ardestri event (unless there is inclement weather). Each Private Event, Corporate Event, or Fundraiser is refundable only as a credit towards a future Ardestri event (if you cancel more than 10 days before the event). Ardestri reserves the right to cancel, postpone and change a class in unforeseen circumstances.


What should I bring? - For Public Events, you are not required to bring anything! For Private Events, Corporate Events, and Fundraisers you are responsible for your decorations, alcohol, tables, chairs, music, food, the venue (if your event is not at a public venue), and anything else needed to bring your event together. 

What if there is inclement weather? - If there is a high chance for inclement weather in the area, the event may be cancelled. We will send you an email the day of the event regarding the status. In the event of a cancellation, you will be refunded your full ticket amount.

Can someone paint in my place? - Yes. Just have them give the instructor the name you used to confirm your reservation.

What should I wear? - We recommend attire that you would not mind getting paint on.

When should I arrive? - We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes before the designated start time so that you have enough time to sign in, mingle, order food/drinks, and secure your preferred seat(s). 



Where do I go when I arrive? -  Upon arrival, if you do not see our paint session set-up, tell a venue employee that you are an Ardestri participant, and they will direct you towards our location.

Does the paint stain? - Yes. Acrylic paint can stain clothing if it is not washed out with soap and water immediately.

Do I have to eat and drink? - Although it's encouraged, guests are not required to consume food and drinks.

How long will we paint? - For Public Events, each paint session lasts approximately 2 - 2.5 hours. Private Events are also approximately 2 - 2.5 hours, but additional time may be requested for an extra $30 per hour via the registration form.


How do I leave feedback? - Feel free to leave feedback via our Contact page. We take every opinion/ statement into consideration.

When do you post the event pictures? - Event photos are posted to our social networks approximately 1-3 business days after the event. 

When does the new schedule come out? - The new schedule is posted on the 20th of each month. If you would like to be notified via email of upcoming events, subscribe via our Contact page.

How do I become a part of Ardestri? We are always looking for those eager to help. Feel free to apply for a vacant opening via our Jobs page. If you are interested in volunteering, apply via our Charitable Events page.


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